[NEWS!] On 28.07.2023, 50 out of 250 children evacuated from orphanages in the Ukrainie, temporarily housed in two refugee centres in the Kaszuby region, are going to a seaside integration camp in Cetniewo (Władysławowo) as part of Rotary E-Club Poland’s ‘The Future is Now! 2023’ Project. For two weeks these Ukrainian children will take part in a very exciting programme that includes elements of tourism, cultural immersion and sports.

Rotary E-Club Poland’s ‘The Future is Now!’ 2023 Project was made possible thanks to the financial and organisational commitment of our great partners:

  1. Crystal City-Pentagon Rotary Club USA www.pentagonrotary.org
  2. TUiR Almatur https://www.almatur.pl/
  3. memoQ https://www.memoq.com

We are also very grateful for all the help we received from: Iza and Leszk Banel, Adam and Anna Gomowski, Rotary Club Sopot International, Rotary Club Gdynia, Rotary Club Gdynia-Orłowo, Yacht Club Rewa and all the other individuals who helped us with this noble cause.    

About us:

Rotary E-Club Poland is a non-profit organisation chartered in 2016. It is the only Rotary e-club in Poland (District 2231). In the past we have engaged in over 20 charitable projects. The COVID-19 pandemic was a very challenging time but we still dedicated a lot of resources to helping those adversely affected by this global threat and continued working on our local and global humanitarian projects.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 has triggered Europe’s greatest humanitarian refugee crisis since World War II. It is estimated that, since the beginning of the war, Poland has accepted nearly 3 million Ukrainian refugees and there are still new refugees crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border every day. Over 90% of these refugees are women and children.

As Rotary e-Club Poland we responded to the refugee crisis immediately and since 24 February 2022 we have focused on a series of projects as part of our “Help Ukraine!” campaign. During the first month of the war we provided immediate relief (transport, food, medical aid, shelter, accommodation for Ukrainian refugees). By May 2022 we were addressing a wider range of refugee needs, focusing on more specific projects and setting some mid- and long-term goals.

In April 2022, as part of our “Help Ukraine!” effort we launched “The Future is Now! Project aimed at helping Ukrainian kids. As a result of our fundraising campaign we managed to collect some funds and in June and July 2022 we paid for summer camps in the Polish lake district and on the Baltic sea-side for over 50 Ukrainian kids (aged 8- 17). The funding came from sponsors such as Rotary Club Newry (Ireland) and memoQ, and the rest was financed from our own funds collected at our annual charity ball. In 2023 we also plan to organize summer camp for Ukrainian children from foster homes in the conflict zones and are currently fundraising for this charitable goal.

Rotary clubs and donors from all over the world can responding to our appeals for help, contributing financially to our “Help Ukraine!” projects and trying to make a difference. If you want to know more about our projects and fundraising campaign and/or donate to our charitable fund and help Ukrainian kids, please go to: Projects).